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Let the healing begin! I’m a Holistic Mental Health Therapist. My name is Mateja Petje MS, LMFT, CNLPP. Contact me for Holistic Therapy. Specifically, I’m a Holistic Psychotherapist and Stress Management Coach. However, I’m also a Counselor located in Palm Beach County, Fl . I treat my clients with a specific Therapy Approach which I can share with you too.

Telemedicine for Online Counseling

I offer Telemedicine services for your convenience. Now I can get you the help you need and you never even have to leave the safety of your home. This is very important during  Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

When we speak we can discuss online counseling and how we can possibly integrate this into your schedule. Online Counseling is also known as Online Therapy or it is also known as Virtual Counseling. With this easy access to help utilizing online therapy I hope to be your go to “Therapist Online.”

Mental Health Care

My clients tell me, depending on the area you live, when they search that they are typically NOT able to find a therapist with my credentials. Please keep this in mind as you search. I’m here to help so call me if you have questions.

Want to learn more about me? Follow this link to “About Mateja” section of my website.

About Mateja

My goal is to provide the best in Holistic Care no matter. Quite frankly, there are simply NOT that many therapists with my particular background and experience along with the services I provide. Most therapy nowadays is talk therapy but I go much further. As an example, I consider myself a “Life Changing Holistic Psychotherapist”. I’ve attached a direct link to my blog where I wrote about this very topic.

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It’s NEVER been so easy to get the help you need now. This is by utilizing video sessions for therapy in the comfort & privacy of your home!

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*Adults only, individual therapy

Online Therapy

Please keep something very important in mind when we speak about Telemedicine. That is normally you might go online and think to yourself “I need to obtain a therapist near me.” This is typically how you would search for help. However, this is not the case. With Telemedicine you could be located in Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Jacksonville, Tallahassee or anywhere in between and I can potentially help you without you leaving your home. This is one of the positives of Telemedicine. You can have the benefit of working with an Online Therapist receiving Therapy online at your convenience.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder/c-PTSD

My main focus is my passion to help my clients heal. This is my personal calling. To help people heal with my intuitive gifts. I’m a “Trauma Informed Therapist.” That means I specialize in treating Complex PTSD also called “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder”.

To explain in further detail, Complex PTSD is often times caused by childhood abuse, neglect & traumatic events. This usually occurs in early childhood. For your own knowledge, complex PTSD is sometimes abbreviated to c-PTSD or CPTSD.

PTSD Treatment Methods

In my practice, I utilize Holistic PTSD Treatment methods to maximize my clients’ success. As a Holistic Psychotherapist my approach will always be from a natural one. For example, choosing natural products to use in daily living. I also offer Coaching Programs too. When we speak we can discuss my Coaching Practices.

Mateja Petje Trauma Work

Want more information about Complex PTSD and my work as a “Trauma Informed Therapist.”? Visit the section of my website where I discuss Trauma in more detail. You can learn more information about “Attachment or Developmental Disorder” for example. That web page is called “Mateja Petje Trauma Work”

Trauma-Informed Therapist web page

Therapy Services

For many years I have helped clients with their treatment of Complex PTSD issues. As a Trauma-Informed Therapist I treat anxiety and depression among other things. I utilize many methods for example tapping, EFT or other forms of Energy Medicine. The prime goal is your Stress Management. I’m also a Certified Life Coach as well. Of course keep in mind there is a distinct difference between coaching and therapy. As I mentioned I have a very specific Holistic Therapy Approach. This is something I can share with you during sessions.

This would be a good opportunity to tell you about a blog I recently published on this subject. The title of that blog is “Life Coaches Treating Mental Health Illnesses”

Life Coaches Treating Mental Health

Stress Management Goals

I’m Mateja Petje your Stress Management Expert! I’ve had tremendous success over the years working with my coaching clients. Whether it was for coaching anxiety or to help them to manage their stress. Ultimately, they achieved their desired stress reduction goals. They did this by utilizing my holistic techniques and treatments. At the same time, they were better at managing their triggers too. If you also need help in these areas we can set up Stress Management Goals that you seek to achieve personally as well.

Are you ready to manage stress & make changes in your life?

Stress Management Coaching Blog

“It is about transforming people’s lives as a result of helping them to heal from depression, anxiety, abuse & trauma so they can manage their daily stress with ease & be inspired to thrive and blossom.” Mateja~

Holistic Counseling

I provide a number of different services to my clients. What we can do is to speak over the telephone about your specific needs. We can talk about the Holistic Counseling services I provide for example. Lets see if we are a good fit for one another. Remember, there is a difference between life coach and therapist. As well there is a difference between counseling and coaching. The idea is for us to speak during a telemedicine session and determine exactly how I might help you best.

Holistic Therapy Mateja Petje

Contact me to learn more about Holistic Counseling or Trauma Informed Therapy. In my practice, I tailor my clients healing programs based on their individuals needs. I also utilize “Holistic Integrative Therapy”as well as Holistic Spiritual Counseling. If you have a question about my services you can call me or visit my Services page.

My Services Web Page

Holistic Spiritual Counseling

Your Trauma-Informed Therapist*Stress Management Coach*Certified NLP Practitioner*Mood Disorders Specialist*Holistic Spiritual Counseling Energy Healer Therapist


Mateja Petje offers you TeleMedicine services Take advantage of online therapy, especially during the Covid 19 pandemic. Now you can get all the benefits of telemedicine for your own well-being. Fortunately, now you don’t have to say to yourself you are limited in who you can see. Now you can research a therapist you truly want to work with. With all the choices available to you, I want to be your own personal Therapist Online.

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Therapy for Depression

Feeling depressed, overwhelmed, worried, anxious or stressed?

Is all of this sounding very familiar? The more you read does it seem like it describes your current situation? If you answered “YES” to any of these questions you need to take action. That means picking up the telephone and making contact with me or someone fast. You need help and waiting is no longer an option. Ideally, you need a Holistic Doctor.

Why a Holistic Doctor? With the services of a Holistic Doctor you can have an entire assessment performed. In this way you can truly learn about your entire holistic health profile. You can also determine if you want to arrange to have Holistic Therapy sessions. This is the whole point of looking at people in an overall Holistic sense. This is taking into account the entire body and not just one part.

Anxiety Disorder Coach

This is where I can help. We can discuss your Stress Management Goals in detail. For instance, I can work with you as an Anxiety Disorder Coach. Unfortunately, Anxiety Disorder is quite common in the U.S. Right now, under the current circumstances, you have many people suffering from, for example, Social Anxiety Disorder or Panic Attacks.

It’s alarming right now, especially during Covid 19 Pandemic, stress and anxiety levels are spiking. I’ve had great success however, in working with people for well over twenty years to help them to manage their stress and thrive.

Energy Healing Coach- Contact

Contact Holistic Coaching International and speak directly with me. Most of all learn about Natural Stress Management & Holistic Techniques. Specifically, explore the art of healing naturally and holistically from depression & trauma. I am an Energy Healing Coach. I’m also a big believer in working with people as a “Natural Therapist“. Let’s make sure you get the help you truly need right now! Below is a link I provided to a blog I wrote recently about Energy Medicine. It’s a great read.

Energy Medicine Blog

Insurance Questions

Do you have Insurance coverage questions? I want to help so feel free to call me so we can discuss your options. Frankly, I have nothing to do with your coverage. There are times unfortunately where your insurance plan simply doesn’t cover something. However, I do have clients who choose to self pay! They never even use their insurance plan! Let’s see what we can accomplish together. This is all about your Holistic Health and wellness. I don’t control what insurance companies choose to cover as you know. But you need help and that should be our primary focus.

Holistic Integrative Therapy

As you can see by now in sessions I utilize “Holistic Integrative Therapy” in my practice. This refers to the school of thought that when in therapy you attempt to address treatment of an individual as a whole person. In my practice, I believe in this progressive form of psychotherapy 100% and share this with my clients. Quite often, I utilize Holistic Therapy for Depression with my clients with great success too. Visit my Testimonials web page on this website and read what my clients say!

Lets say, for purposes of another example, that you want to learn how to strengthen your immune system. Perhaps you might want to learn about immunity vitamins. In another instance, maybe you might want to know how to utilize proper breathing techniques. I believe you will always have a better experience overall with a Holistic Doctor. This is where Western Medicine is at a disadvantage by not treating a person holistically in an overall sense.

Energy Healing Therapy- Tools

As a Holistic Mental Health Therapist I have certain beliefs I hold true. First, I believe in combining different therapeutic tools in my approach to healing. Ascertaining the correct approach to fit the needs of each individual client is imperative. I utilize many approaches in therapy. As an example I include Energy Healing Therapy in my practice.

Holistic Psychotherapist

Don’t wait to get better on your own. We all need help sometimes so why delay your happiness? Your mental and physical health is priceless! With technology we can very easily connect over the phone or during a video session. Now we can get you help fast. I’ve been practicing as a Holistic Psychotherapist for many years. I’ve helped countless people to heal. My role as you can see can vary. For instance, my work as an Anxiety Coach might be invaluable to you. We can also discuss my background as a Life Coach Therapist as well. It really just depends in what you’re looking to accomplish.

Holistic Mental Health- Stigma

Often times I speak with people that have never been in therapy or they have had a bad experience initially. So they stopped seeking help with a therapist altogether. This unfortunately, for so many reasons, is a huge mistake. Knowing how to talk with people is very important. I’m a “Highly Sensitive Person.” I’ve spent literally my entire life helping people. I want to show you a better way. Let’s overcome any Therapy Stigma that may exist together.

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Depression Therapy- Victim Roles

Are you trapped in a victim role and you can’t break out?

How would you respond to these questions?

*Do you see yourself as “what they did to me”?

*Are you feeling depressed, lonely and worried?

*You have difficulty with intimate relationships and you keep finding yourself attracting abusive, angry, narcissistic (wo)men even though you don’t want to?

*Being alone is it scary to you?

*Sleeping is difficult and when you can sleep you have flashbacks or nightmares?

*Were you physically, mentally, emotionally or sexually abused & unable to let go & heal?

*Have lack of trust in others, and especially (wo)men?

*Often you feel worthless, unloved, like a failure?

*Is it difficult saying NO to projects and social obligations?

*Quite often you dream of a better life but it seems to be out of your reach?

Be honest! Have you been in therapy for years and worked with life coaches, psychics, healers… etc.. and nothing has really worked?

“I want to help you go from victimhood to reclaiming your authentic self”

Starting your Holistic Healing Journey

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then I believe I can definitely help you with various online therapies. Frankly, I was in the same place before. Read my story and you may begin to understand why!

Call today to get started on your healing journey with Holistic Coaching International! Make positive changes in your life with Natural Stress Management and Holistic Psychotherapy.

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“My Journey to Self Discovery”

“I have been teaching life skills for many years as well as living life to better myself and others. This book is a self analysis of my life which I hope serves as an example of the struggles we all go through on our journey to self enlightenment.”

Book Review

“Ms. Petje’s heartwarming journey from childhood to womanhood will touch your soul. She invites us to glimpse into her life and turn the pages of a beautiful uncensored diary rich with “Humanness.”

Karen Rubenstein, M.S. L.M.F.T;

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Reiki Coaching Therapy

For many years I’ve utilized “Reiki Coaching Therapy” with my clients. I’m a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner. Frankly, I’ve been utilizing Reiki Healing Energy for many years. My clients really seem to appreciate Reiki. Over time I have found the popularity of Reiki in America seems to be really taking off too. This makes me very excited for people. So ask me more about this terrific treatment when we speak in your therapy session because I think it works wonders.

Energy Healing Therapist

As an Energy Healing Therapist I’m always searching for ways to help my clients make progress. Utilizing Energy Medicine in my practice has been very successful and beneficial for my clients.

Energy Medicine consists of different modalities. A partial list of some might include Emotional Freedom Technique (also known as EFT) as well as Spiritual Counseling. Below is a link to the section of my website that discuses Energy Medicine and Spiritual Counseling. Please take a look at this section. There is a wealth of Holistic Healing information located within that web page called “Spiritual Counseling Energy Healing”

Spiritual Counseling Energy Healing

Mateja Petje Blogs

Therapist Online

Virtual Address

2234 N Federal Hwy #3094

Boca Raton, Fl 33431

Holistic Counseling and Psychotherapy

Welcome to my website! Specifically welcome to this section of my website that features some of my most popular & helpful Blog posts. I’ve been working in my Holistic Psychotherapy practice for over two decades. Over the last several years though I’ve decided to take time to really fine tune this website & all the other things I’ve written.

I’m excited to bring to you Holistic concepts, techniques and tips to help you. My expertise is in Holistic Counseling and Psychotherapy. I love to write about this subject too so stay tuned for the action.

Benefits of Holistic Therapy

This would be a good opportunity to discuss the many benefits of Holistic Therapy. I’ve spent nearly my entire life learning the principles of therapy and many of the great treatment modalities that exist. For example, Emotional Freedom Technique which is also known as EFT. Another example is “Neuro-linguistic programming” or NLP. As you might imagine I’m a huge believer in the benefits of Holistic Therapy.

Holistic Therapy- Healing

The experience my clients come away with after their sessions is remarkable. However, no one can motivate you to take the initiative to heal and make the first call but you. So please make the call! You’re possibly in a dark place and need a fresh start!? Maybe you’re feeling trapped in marriage or need access to cheating therapy or simply need the help of a Marriage Coach. I’ve helped countless people heal in many ways. Lets see if I can help you when we speak during our free 15 minute phone consultation.

Individual Therapist

The primary way I work with clients is as an Individual Therapist. I work with adults only in individual therapy sessions. I’ve helped thousands of people. Maybe I can help you too. When we talk we can discuss my Holistic Services specifically for individual therapy and how that might fit your needs.

Holistic Health- Resource

The goal is to make this website the “go to” resource for anyone seeking information in the Holistic field. So if you’re searching for anything in reference to Holistic please check back. In 2020/21 I’ve taken on the painstaking task of organizing all the data, articles etc. on this website. This is so we can make this website an amazing online resource. The main thing that matters here is the holistic health of the client. This is why I’m a huge believer in “Natural Therapy.”

Holistic Coach- Blogs

I want to be your Holistic Coach. There are many reasons why. Oftentimes many people over the years have found me to be invaluable. I’ve been helping clients along their own journey to self discovery. So please take some time to learn more about me. This website is awesome but it is still under construction.

This project is a “work in progress” so thank you in advance for your patience. Behind the scenes we’re doing a tremendous amount of work to this website. We do appreciate your feedback. Let us know how we’re doing please!

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