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I’m a Therapist Mateja Petje MS, LMFT, CNLPP. Contact me for Holistic Therapy. Specifically, I’m a Holistic Psychotherapist and Stress Management Coach. However, I’m also a Counselor located in Palm Beach County, FL. I treat my clients with a specific Therapy Approach which I can share with you too. Contact me for Online Therapy which is also known as Virtual Counseling. You can either call me or schedule a free consultation just click either button.

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My Ideal Clients

My ideal clients are adults who had experienced childhood abuse, trauma, challenging relationships, depression, and anxiety and it still affects their life; which is now known as Complex PTSD. I also equip my clients with top behavioral techniques to manage stress and daily challenges. My motto is “From victimhood to reclaiming your Authentic Self.”

Adults only, in Individual Sessions

I provide a safe healing place for my clients to share their concerns and help them reach effective short-term goals. My approach is humanistic and holistic and is based on cognitive-behavioral and solution-focused treatments. I work with adults only, in individual sessions, in either Online Therapy or Virtual Counseling sessions or I can see clients in person too.


Currently, besides private pay, for the time being, I also accept some major insurances. I understand that many people are not able to afford full fees, however, you are still responsible for payments if insurance companies deny your payment. Furthermore, whenever you are choosing to use your insurance, which is a third-party payer, insurance companies do not safeguard your confidential information to the extent that it’s kept private for clients who choose to pay out of pocket.

Denied Claims

For example, if you are ever applying for disability benefits, or if you are involved in legal proceedings, your records can be required going back 10 or more years. Insurance companies can also request additional documentation and limit your coverage, and even deny it retroactively. If your claims are being denied retroactively due to the audit by the insurance company, you will be responsible for full payment as I do not engage in audit reviews or whenever additional documentation is required.

Struggling with any of these issues or concerns?

How would you respond to these questions?

  • *Are you trapped in a victim role and you can’t break out?
    *Do you see yourself as “what they did to me”?
    *Are you feeling depressed, lonely, and worried?
    *You have difficulty with intimate relationships and you keep finding yourself attracting abusive, angry, narcissistic (wo)men even though you don’t want to?
    *Being alone is it scary to you?
    *Sleeping is difficult and when you can sleep you have flashbacks or nightmares?
    *Were you physically, mentally, emotionally, or sexually abused & unable to let go & heal?
    *Have a lack of trust in others, and especially (wo)men?
    *Often you feel worthless, unloved, like a failure?
    *Is it difficult to say NO to projects and social obligations?
    *Quite often you dream of a better life but it seems to be out of your reach?

Have you been in therapy for years?

Be honest! Have you been in therapy for years and worked with life coaches, psychics, healers… etc.. and nothing has really worked? It doesn’t matter if it is online therapy or an in person office visit.

“I want to help you go from victimhood to reclaiming your authentic self” 

Get started on your Holistic Healing Journey today!

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then I believe I can definitely help you with Online Therapy. Frankly, I was in the same place before too. Read my story and you may begin to understand why!

Call today to get started on your healing journey with Holistic Coaching International! Make positive changes in your life with Natural Stress Management and Holistic Psychotherapy.

Therapist Mateja Petje Author*Trauma Informed Therapy

Why Therapist Mateja Petje over BIG Telemedicine Companies

Telemedicine has become a very popular and effective way to provide medical services including mental health. It has helped many to access care during the pandemic. However, these big telemedicine companies (such as BetterHelp, Teladoc, Talkspace, MDLive, and Amwell) have some serious shortcomings. Having worked with several over the years and this is what I and my clients have observed:

Big Telemedicine Companies Shortcomings

1. Constant IT glitches which have resulted in frustration for both clients and providers
2. Issues with customer service in sense of untimely assistance and mistakes with billing
3. No pre-screening in place for clients who need a higher level of care and are suicidal resulting in a possible risk to cl’s health as sometimes clients need to wait weeks before getting help
4. Due to the call center approach, there is a lack of continuity of care, and many times clients have to switch providers all the time as there is no guarantee that clients will be seen regularly thus resulting in poor outcomes

Therapist Mateja Petje- What I offer:
1. Customized treatment and guaranteed continuation of care as I typically do not work with more than 10 clients at a time
2. Quality of care and expertise when it comes to mood disorders and trauma
3. Timely response to your concerns/questions and accurate billing
4. Reliable technology (Simple Practice) and scheduling via online app
5. Free consultation to ensure that we are a good match and that I can assist you as well as referrals to community resources and other practitioners

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My Journey to Self Discovery” by Mateja Petje

Therapy Mateja Petje Online Therapy Virtual Counseling

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“My Journey to Self Discovery” Book excerpt

“I’ve been teaching life skills for many years as well as living life to better myself and others. This book is a self-analysis of my life which I hope serves as an example of the struggles we all go through on our journey to self-enlightenment.”

Book Review by Karen Rubenstein, M.S. L.M.F.T;

“Ms. Petje’s heartwarming journey from childhood to womanhood will touch your soul. She invites us to glimpse into her life and turn the pages of a beautiful uncensored diary rich with “Humanness.” Karen Rubenstein, M.S. L.M.F.T; Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

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“I would recommend and use her again!”

“She treats her patients on all levels, Mind, Body & Spirit”

“She is patient and proactive, understanding, easy to talk to, and incredibly kind. “

“Mateja has been a tremendous guide for my journey to greater self-appreciation and relaxation. She is a patient and calming presence.”

“she has made a huge difference in my life and has helped me overcome so many obstacles that had been holding me back for many years.”

“Mateja is a very caring and intelligent therapist which I would highly recommend to anyone seeking genuine help.”

“Mateja is a great professional and highly qualified psychotherapist and coach. She has a beautiful nurturing energy that makes you feel at ease and safe. I highly recommend her!”

“Mateja is an outstanding therapist. She will listen to you and give you guidance and advice needed to help improve your condition with holistic approaches including tapping, meditation, and NLP. This in combination with therapy and medication helped me that after a month I was back to normal.”