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What is Holistic Coaching International & Natural Stress Management and Holistic Psychotherapy about? 

It is about transforming people’s lives as a result of helping them to heal from depression, anxiety, abuse & trauma so they can manage their daily stress with ease & be inspired to thrive and blossom

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Holistic Coaching International & Natural Stress Management Holistic Psychotherapy

Are you trapped in a victim role and can’t seem to snap out of it?


  • Do you see yourself as “what they did to me” ?
  • Are you feeling depressed, lonely and worried?
  • You have difficulty with intimate relationships and you keep finding yourself attracting abusive, angry, narcissistic (wo)men even though you don’t want to?
  • Being alone is it scary to you?
  • Sleeping is difficult and when you can sleep you have flashbacks or nightmares?
  • Were you physically, mentally, emotionally or sexually abused and unable to let go and heal?
  • Have lack of trust in others, and especially (wo)men?
  • Often you feel worthless, unloved, like a failure?
  • Is it difficult saying NO to projects and social obligations? 
  • Quite often you dream of a better life but it seems to be out of your reach?
  • Be honest! Have you been in therapy for years and worked with life coaches, psychics, healers… etc.. and nothing has really worked?

Getting started with Holistic Coaching International 

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then I can definitely help you. I was in the same place before. Read my story and schedule a complimentary session today and get started with Holistic Coaching International. Start your journey in Natural Stress Management with Holistic Psychotherapy. 

Don’t wait to get better on your own. We all need help sometimes so why delay your happiness? Your mental and physical health is priceless! However no one can motivate you to take the initiative to heal and make the first call but you. So please make the call! You’re possibly in a dark place and need a fresh start!? 

Holistic Coaching International 

Office: Holistic Coaching International 5301 N Federal Hwy, #380,  Boca Raton, FL 33487

Mateja Petje, MS, LMFT, CNLPP      561 299 1028

Holistic Coaching International Mateja Petje Natural Stress Management Licensed Marriage Family Therapist PTSD Trauma Life Coach Anxiety Psychotherapy EFT

Work Life Balance Secrets Mateja Petje Holistic Psychotherapist Stress Management Coach PTSD Depression Trauma Anxiety Life Coach therapy Zen

Are you tired of popping pills? Do you want to feel better naturally?

Mateja Petje, M.S, LMFT, CNLPP

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Presenting Matja Petje author, “My Journey to Self Discovery”

“I have been teaching life skills for many years as well as living life to better myself and others. This book is a self analysis of my life which I hope serves as an example of the struggles we all go through on our journey to self enlightenment.”

 Holistic Coaching International Mateja Petje Natural Stress Management

“Ms. Petje’s heartwarming journey from childhood to womanhood will touch your soul. She invites us to glimpse into her life and turn the pages of a beautiful uncensored diary rich with “Humanness”.”

Karen Rubenstein, M.S. L.M.F.T; Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


Mateja Petje Slovenia Ljubljana Holistic Psychotherapist Stress Management Coach PTSD Trauma Licensed Marriage Family Therapist Anxiety Depression Depressed Tapping Reiki EFT Natural Stress Management
Holistic Coaching International Mateja Petje Natural Stress Management
Mateja Petje Holistic Psychotherapist Licensed Marriage Family Therapist Life Coach PTSD Trauma Anxiety Depression

Holistic Psychotherapy

I am the author of “My Journey to Self-Discovery”. It is my “own personal journey”. The story of how I learned to heal myself from anxiety & depression. This has served as a catalyst for developing my own holistic approach. I’m so confident I can help YOU because I’ve been there!

Stress Management Coaching

It seems as if stress has reached almost epidemic proportions these days. Take time to learn how to manage stress effectively and meet Sammy the StressBuster! He is my Registered Emotional Support Dog & healing assistant (and he is in training right now). 

Energy Healing & Spiritual Counseling

When you think of Energy Medicine and techniques such as Reiki and Emotional Freedom Technique or tapping these are complements to other approaches. This is true whether they are used in medical care or on its own as a complete system of self-care and self-help.