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“NLP” for Therapy

I’m very proud to introduce and discuss Neuro-linguistic programming. I’m also very excited & honored to be sharing the benefits & details discussing this technique with you. My clients have gained immense benefit when I incorporate it into sessions.

What is “Neuro-linguistic programming”

So what is it and what are the benefits? See in my practice I had heard about, aka “NLP” a number of years ago. Several years later I had an opportunity to meet Dr. Yvonne Oswald. “Yvonne Oswald Ph.D. is the award winning, best-selling author of ‘Every Word has Power,’ now in eleven languages”


Aside from being a wonderful person she is a Master NLP / Hypnosis Trainer. Lucky for me I had attended some of her other training’s and was so impressed with her work that I decided to obtain my certification in Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) as well.

Neuro-linguistic programming- Certification

In addition to the NLP certification, I also received certification as a Life Coach. I did this by utilizing her method of “mind magic” which really refers to using our words and language effectively.

Many times we are not aware how powerful we are. I believe that we are the creators of our life. Our thoughts are the ones that create our emotions, and as a result of that, we make certain decisions. You can change your mind with the speed of the thought.

Neuro-linguistic Programming

Neuro-linguistic programming- Unconscious

Did you know that 95% or more of our beliefs and thoughts originate from our unconscious mind? That is the reason that sometimes we may have an intellectual understanding about things we want to change in our lives, yet we keep running into the same obstacles. Let’s discuss a fun way to test this.

Neuro-linguistic programming- Demo

To demonstrate this, I would like you to do the following exercise with me. You can test your unconscious mind by stating a true on untrue statement and asking yourself what number between one and ten comes up. For me I would say: Mateja and then Mary (0/10).

Now ask yourself a question and give it a number – quickly, without analyzing it:

1. How good is it for me to eat chicken today?

2. How good is it for me to eat fish today?

3. How good is it for me to go to the gym?

4. How good is it for me to wear pink today?

5. How good is for me to xy as my friend?

It is our unconscious mind’s prime directive to keep us healthy and well. You can use this technique whenever you have difficulty making decisions. I use this with my client (and myself!) at times and at other times I use muscle testing.

Neuro-linguistic Programming

Neuro-linguistic programming- Dr. Oswald

Did you know that being happy adds 10 years to your life? Wouldn’t you want to have that? Dr. Yvonne Oswald in her book “Every Word Has Power” teaches us that this is possible if we pay closer attention to our words. Since our subconscious mind does not distinguish grammar, it is better to use positive words combined with “not.” So instead of saying “I am feeling BAD today” you want to say “I am not feeling GOOD today.”

Neuro-linguistic programming- Subconscious

Your subconscious mind will focus on the words good and bad. If your subconscious mind hears “bad” that will be a signal that something is wrong and you may start feeling anxious, and even more sick. It sounds paradoxical, but it is true.

Some other examples include:

Instead of “sorry” you want to say “my apologies”

In place of “trying” you want to say “I am getting closer to reach my goal”

Next it’s not “I forgot” you want to use “I did not remember”

NLP- on YouTube “High Energy Words”

1. Speak in the now as it had already happened (It’s easy for me to have a wonderful relationship now)

2. Whenever you are planning something you want to add a health connection (My new business is successful now because with more money in the bank I can relax more and be healthier)

3. Use the words “because” and “now” as often as you can. The conscious mind likes this because you answer the question Why.

4. Clear “don’t” from your dealings with other people. Instead of “don’t be late again” say “Please be on time”

High Energy Words

Neuro-linguistic programming- “To Try”

5. See “Clear words” such as “have to” or “should” or “must” come from your own “self-talk”. For example “I should go back to my reading now.” These words imply obligation and resentment.

6. Next clear the word “try” from your vocabulary – we use the word in hypnotherapy to ensure someone fails! Instead say “I am more successful every day.”

Neuro Linguistic Programming- Subconscious

7. Also clear “but” from your vocabulary as it implies judgment. Replace it with “and”. For example instead of you did this well but you need to correct the spelling becomes “you did this well AND perhaps you can check the spelling?

8. State what something isn’t on purpose. For example, ”this is really hard” becomes “this is really not easy.”

9. Make a point of consciously using high energy words such as gratitude, laughter, kindness, love, abundance, success, and joy.

Energy Medicine

In closing thank you so very much for reading my blog! Be happy & be safe!

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