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Depressive Disorder Signs


Why Do Your Feel Down?


Are you feeling depressed or down or blue? If you’re seeking answers to why you feel depressed or blue you need to read my blog. It’s called Recognizing Symptoms Clinical DepressionAre you feeling like you need to speak with someone right now? Let’s talk about this Blog I’ve published here that you’re reading. I’ve also included information about recognizing seven signs of clinical depression. We all get sad or down. However, there is a difference when somebody is feeling stressed out or depressed because of a job loss, relationship troubles, or illness. It CAN lead to clinical depression. Can you recognize your own Clinical Depression symptoms?


Mateja Petje Clinical Depression Signs


1. Loss of appetite or overeating


2. Insomnia, waking up


3. Obsessive and intrusive thoughts and worrying


4. Feelings of hopelessness or helplessness


5. Not participating in social activities that one liked before


6. Suicidal thoughts/ideations


7. Substance abuse or excessive shopping/gambling etc.


*These symptoms need to last a minimum of 2 weeks to be able to be properly diagnosed.


Recognizing Symptoms Clinical Depression- recommendations


​My advice is to listen to recommendations. Don’t wait until things get worse if you have Clinical Depression symptoms. I offer a complimentary consultation just call 561-299-1028 or contact me. 


In the blog “Mateja Petje Clinical Depression” I wrote about the topic of Depression. More specifically another blog I wrote about recognizing the different signs of Depression. That Blog title is called “Seven Clinical Depression Signs”. To make it easier I’ve included a link directly to that Blog too so you can access that information as well.


Seven Clinical Depression Signs Blog



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Recognizing Symptoms Clinical Depression- Victim Roles


Today I wanted to share with you something that I’ve been struggling with all my life. The good news is I had a breakthrough after talking to a wise friend. For years I’ve worked with therapists, healers, and coaches to release trauma from the past and my “victim” role.


You see a wise friend told me how to get more into depth. He told me to start taking full responsibility for my feelings, thoughts, behaviors, and actions. Also to take full responsibility as well for my choices and who I let into my inner space.


The “Conditioned Self”


I’m excited to be able to finally meet my real “Authentic Self”. One that is based on pure love, compassion, joy, and peace. This is as opposed to relying on projections and roles from my “Conditioned Self”. (As described by my mentor Shelley Riutta) that is based on guilt, anger, fear, and other negative emotions. As well as expectations and dependence on other people. 


Shelley Riutta MSE, LPC



Help with Depression Therapy


Your “Authentic Selves”


As I got more into depth and started taking full responsibility I really made progress. That also includes doing my baby steps. Catching myself as often as I can when I am in my “Conditioned Self”. This is a very difficult thing to do but I was making progress.


I’m already a gifted healer and holistic psychotherapist. I help people with their Clinical Depression. Consequently, I believe very strongly that it is so important to continue healing ourselves! This is especially true for people in the healing and medical health field. In this way, I will be able to help my clients in even more profound and more AUTHENTIC ways. There is no shame! We are all dealing with universal human needs and barriers on our way to getting to know our real “Authentic Selves“. 


“Life-Changing Holistic Psychotherapist”



Mateja Petje Clinical Depression


Trauma Triggers


Now you might say this is all good and well but these things actually happened. Unfortunately, so many people suffer from Clinical Depression. The thing is that we see everything based on our past experiences with other people, events, and circumstances. If we didn’t have an emotional attachment to a person or event that happened in our past, we wouldn’t have such a strong emotional reaction. That reaction acts as a “trigger” to a current situation. This means that we have not fully healed the situation. This also includes our emotional response to it.


This is the basis of my work whether I work with couples or individuals. One of my approaches to healing is using Imago (to read about Imago check out my website). If we didn’t have an attachment to the past we would not feel pain, anger, rejection, or whatever we are feeling. 


How Divorce Affects Kids


Mateja Petje Licensed Marriage Family Therapist Boca Raton


Clients Testimonial utilizing Imago Approach


“I was extremely pleased with the services that I have received from this provider. Not only that she is very knowledgeable but she is very compassionate and genuine. She listens well and responded to all my questions. My girlfriend and I had a lot of problems due to our divorce and we both had baggage from our previous relationships. We also lost connection and she was able to get us back on track. Her Imago approach really works! I highly recommend her.” by STEVE November 29, 2012, Consumer Feedback


Recognizing Symptoms Clinical Depression- Imago Theory


I want to discuss Imago Theory in more detail. Let’s say for example if a woman was abused in her childhood or past romantic relationships. If she hasn’t healed the past event and emotional attachment to it, she will unconsciously repeat the same scenario. She will do this is not just in intimate relationships but also in platonic relationships. This is whether business or personal. More importantly, she will continue carrying this pattern onto her children or any future relationships. 


Depression Therapy

In addition, if she is in a relationship with a man, who had similar patterns of being a”victim” of the situation, they will keep “triggering” each other’s wounds. They will continue this pattern until they both take full responsibility for their thoughts, beliefs, actions, and choices.


This is a good time to share a blog I wrote on the subject of “Unhealthy Relationships”. Here is a link to that blog called


Unhealthy Relationships


Mateja Petje Clinical Depression- Choices


Remember, no matter what, you always have a choice. Even women or men that are abused in relationships still have a choice which is not easy, but they CAN leave the relationship, and many times a professional is needed to help them build back their self-esteem and self-love to be able to make that step. Finances might get in the way, and most people prefer to remain in their comfort zone instead of being vulnerable and looking deeply into themselves. Thank you for reading my “Clinical Depression” blog. Remember, if you are experiencing Clinical Depression symptoms please call someone immediately and seek help.


I need a Therapist Session



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What is PTSD and Clinical Depression


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Here is another terrific blog I wrote I seem to get a lot of positive feedback about


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    At this point it might be beneficial for you to visit other articles & Blogs online I’ve written. They discuss specifically the Holistic Psychotherapy services I provide. Here are some quick links to get you to those references. You can use this information in recognizing Clinical Depression signs or symptoms or simply find holistic health tools that would help you on a daily basis.


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What is PTSD and is there a cure?


“Trauma-Informed Therapy”


What is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD and trauma triggers? When are we most likely to see the effects of PTSD? How do trauma triggers affect people? Who are the folks most likely to experience the symptoms of PTSD? These are questions along with so many others that are all very important things to consider when speaking about Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.


Thank you for finding your way to my Blog about PTSD and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder triggers. Let’s explore the topic of PTSD, trauma triggers, stress and so on together and maybe we can find answers that may assist you right now.


It’s Veterans Day 2018. In recent years so many war veterans have been diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). In addition, there is now an above-average rate of incidents of shootings. Specifically, there was even a recent event close to my home, in Parkland, Fl. That and other things made me decide to write this article. Mainly I wrote this so that it will hopefully help to bring some clarity as to what PTSD is and some suggestions as to how it can be treated.


Mateja Petje Trauma Work


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder- Treatment


Unfortunately, there is no one correct treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. However, I based this on my personal experience. Having suffered significant trauma which was a result of all types of abuse during my childhood and adolescence. As well as experiencing trauma related to being in abusive relationships later on in my adult life. I have experienced nightmares and some flashbacks for as long as I remember. This just serves as a guideline. Therefore I strongly recommend that if you feel that you suffer from PTSD that you consult a licensed clinician or a psychologist.


Mateja Petje Trauma Informed Therapist trigger


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder- Defined


In 2013, the American Psychiatric Association revised the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder diagnostic criteria. This is in the fifth edition of its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5; 1). Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is included in a new category in DSM-5, Trauma, and Stressor-Related Disorders. Full copyrighted criteria are available from the American Psychiatric Association. Here I just list a few.


Complex PTSD Blog


Stress Management

Holistic Coaching International website

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder- Diagnosis


What does it take to be diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder? The person would have had to have been previously exposed to a number of things. Death, threatened death, actual or threatened serious injury, or actual or threatened sexual violence, or similar. This is including any kind of abuse or domestic violence, experiencing it directly or indirectly by observing it.


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder- Symptoms


Typical symptoms include nightmares, flashbacks, emotional distress, and intrusive thoughts. For example, for years following the abuse, I would have continued nightmares. In addition, I also developed sensitivity to criticism and aversion to anybody talking loudly. I would experience physical sensations, such as vomiting or an upset stomach. Basically, I developed a trigger – in this case, a loud voice.


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder- Violence


Another example is in the case of people that were exposed to violence. This includes shooting and guns. They develop emotional distress with ANY loud noises that resemble a gunshot. It can take years to heal and not experience emotional distress when the trauma triggers present themselves.


For a person to meet the criteria for PTSD, the symptoms need to last at least a month. They also experience distress and functional impairment in several key areas of life such as social and occupational


PTSD Professional Overview


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder- Strategy


Most of all you should know that you are not alone. What helped me most is to seek the support of friends. They normalized my feelings and helped me to see that what I was experiencing was not the norm. My boyfriend’s family was nothing like my own. Fortunately, I experienced joy and laughter, and not abuse and tension, which was the norm in my family when I was an adolescent.


I also worked with several therapists, coaches, and healers. By now I had learned how to identify my triggers and how to manage my emotions and “rewrite my story”. One approach that was helpful was EMDR. Helping me with a pervasive memory of being severely beaten. The fortunate thing was finding a therapist that was trained in EMDR. After a few sessions, I was able to tell my story without crying and was able to emotionally detach from the incident.


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder- NLP


However, there was an approach that finally started to help me with my trauma triggers and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. This is in terms of stopping intrusive and limiting thoughts and beliefs. This occurred when I learned and received training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). In essence, this approach focuses on the linguistic and how we store and process memories.


Negative Programming  as it relates to Trauma & Abuse


I have been able to start understanding that my negative programming was due to being exposed to abuse and trauma that colored my world. Largely I saw the world as a threat and subconsciously sought experiences and people that confirmed that the world is not a safe place and that people cannot be trusted. Only when I started changing my beliefs did my life and my well-being improve. This was when I made progress with my Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms.


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder- Support Group


Join a support group. Other people who have gone through similar experiences can not only offer validation, you will also feel understood. Not many people (including some therapists) really understood why I am not able to get better. This is in spite of years of therapy and medication. Medication can be helpful in the initial stages. But the key is to understand the root causes and how your beliefs and thoughts contribute to the disorder.


Keep journaling. When we are overwhelmed with thoughts keep journaling! It’s key that we find healthy ways to manage our thoughts and get them out of our heads. Specifically, for me, this seemed to really help with my Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.


Learn stress management and breathing techniques. I think meditation literally saved my life. Previously I studied different modalities including mindfulness, zen, guided meditation, and meditation based on a mantra (the Art of Living Foundation). Finally, I was able to heal insomnia and significantly reduced my anxiety and depression symptoms as well as my trauma triggers.

Hopefully, this “Post-traumatic stress disorder” blog post was helpful. Take a moment and let us know in the comments section.


Holistic Psychotherapy Mateja Petje- Blog Resources


You might benefit by reading other articles & Blogs available on my website. You can explore the Psychotherapy services I provide as well too. But specifically speaking about trauma triggers, PTSD, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, here is another Blog for example entitled “PTSD Diagnosis Symptoms” which you might find helpful. Here is a quick link to that.


Click for “PTSD Diagnosis” Blog

PTSD Diagnosis Symptoms Blog
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When I came to see Mateja a few months ago, I was experiencing all these symptoms. See I was overwhelmed with changes at work and parenting. Yet I continued to work until one day I just broke down and wanted to put myself out of misery. Now I knew I needed help and thank God I reached out and met Mateja. The most important thing for me was to get professional help. I tried for months to get better on my own. Yes, I wish I had reached out for help sooner”.


Mateja Petje is an outstanding therapist


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PTSD Diagnosis Symptoms Blog


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