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Are you stressed out or are you feeling stuck? So start being grateful! Being gratitude is mostly at the forefront of people’s minds with Thanksgiving. However if we start our day with gratitude on a daily basis, even in the midst of challenges, our life will start to change in a more positive direction.

I must admit that I have not always felt this way. You see I used to be upset with events and people when things did not go as I had planned. Things started to change when I started to apply the teachings of the Law of Attraction and observing my thoughts and guiding them.  Sometimes we get angry with the world or God (as we may perceive it), but this is exactly the time when we need to apply the Law of Gratitude. There might be lessons to be learned that we might not be aware of. 


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In the past I did a program called “The Science of Being Rich” by Nancy Matthews. A co-founder of Women’s Prosperity Network in Plantation, Fl. The program is based on the teachings of Wallace D. Wattles. Prior to that, I had also studied Harv Eker’s the Secrets of the Millionaire Mindset. Whatever book or program you decide to follow, the key is to be disciplined and consistent. Years of conditioning will not change overnight. It requires patience, faith, and willingness to change your outdated belief patterns. 


Holistic Coaching International Mateja Petje Natural Stress Management Boca Raton anxiety trauma depression abuse distance therapy Gratitude Psychotherapy




Goodwill and Gratitude

You may even face resistance from your loved ones and people that are close to you! As the saying goes “misery loves company.” But so does goodwill and gratitude. Whenever possible, surround yourself with people who have a positive outlook on life. Don’t waste time by complaining, blaming others and playing a victim.

In his book, Wallace states that “the more gratefully we fix our minds on the supreme good, when things come to us, the more good we will receive, and the more rapidly they will come.“ Grateful mind brings us closer to the Creator, God, Life Force, Higher Power or however you want to call it, from which the blessings come.

He further states that it is absolutely necessary to follow the Law of Gratitude in order to achieve the results we are seeking. Whether this is financial prosperity, health, relationships or buying a new home.


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Changing your thoughts in order to change your emotions

When I work with clients, they often become angry, depressed, and anxious, as well as hopeless about their life, not knowing how to change things. The first thing I tell them is to start focusing and observing their language and their thoughts. Then to start changing their thoughts in order to change their emotions.

I believe that we are all the creators of our life. By choosing our thoughts and being grateful for everything in our life (yes even tough lessons and pain) we will create a life that we have always wanted. Wallace also adds that “without gratitude you cannot long keep from dissatisfied thoughts regarding things as they are. The moment you PERMIT your mind to dwell with dissatisfaction upon things as they are, you begin to lose ground.”  The grateful mind is constantly fixed upon the best.

Faith in ourselves

In addition, FAITH is born of gratitude. We need to have faith in ourselves that we can overcome our “Conditioned Self”. Primarily this is based on fear, worry and negativity. This is the time to perform a daily action of thinking about what we are grateful for. It could be as simple as being grateful for a nice sunny day (and we are very lucky here in South Fl when the rest of the country has winter storms and cold).

I suggest to my clients to keep a daily gratitude and intention journal. Writing things down can make a huge difference. We want to live in our “Authentic Self” which is based on love, gratitude, joy and faith.


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“After being in traditional therapy and making no progress, I explored the option of holistic therapy with Mateja. I loved that her approach was focused on me and how to move forward with my anxiety, negative thoughts & relationship perceptions, instead of focusing on the problems and where they stemmed from. With EFT, affirmations and tracking my moods, it created more self awareness around my emotions and where they were coming from. After 4-5 months, my anxiety levels is nearly nonexistent” Jessica in Boca Raton 11/16



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