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Introducing “My Journey to Self Discovery”

By Author Mateja Petje

Featured in the Mateja Petje Store is my book. Here is some of the books foreword. “I’ve been teaching life skills for many years as well as living life to better myself and others. This book is a self analysis of my life which I hope serves as an example of the struggles we all go through on our journey to self enlightenment.”

Publication Date 4/13/2010 Language English Category Self-Improvement Copyright All Rights Reserved – Standard Copyright License Contributors By (author): Mateja Petje Specifications Pages 297 Binding Paperback Interior Color Black & White Dimensions US Trade (6 x 9 in / 152 x 229 mm)

“Dare to be Authentic”

A second book, (although not available in the Mateja Petje Store) in the which is a joint venture is called “Dare to be Authentic”. It was published in February 2014. That book is entitled Finding your “Authentic Self”. It is an inspirational book and a collaborative effort. It features over twenty true stories written by those who at one point did not really know themselves.

They lived unhappy, unfulfilled and sometimes painful lives. But, then went on to find their true, authentic self and dared to transform their lives into ones of joy and fulfillment.

Although you may not connect and relate with every story, I know there will be one or more that will speak directly to you and touch you in a special way.

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