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    When you read the text of my “Services Page” you’ll find information about Reiki, Energy Medicine, EFT and other modalities. On our services page we also explain essentially what you’ll see throughout my website. There is a huge amount of information to use as a resource on your healing journey.

    Mateja Petje Holistic Services Webpage

    This Blog is one of my favorites. The title is “Holistic Psychotherapist Defined”. I ask the question. So just what does it mean when we say “Holistic”? How do we define the term “Holistic” as it relates to the medical field?

    Holistic Psychotherapist Defined Blog

    You found me! It’s very exciting that you made it to my website. My name is Mateja Petje. I’m a Holistic Mental Health Therapist and a Stress Management Coach as well as a Holistic Psychotherapist. I’ve been helping people now for over 25 years! Are you ready to discover the benefits of Spiritual Counseling and Energy Healing? Be sure to Opt In for Free Videos too!

    Spiritual Counseling Energy Healing Webpage

    Welcome to my Media Page. I’ve assembled various videos from interviews I’ve done over the years in my Holistic Psychotherapy practice. By posting these I thought we could see if they can possibly help you in some way.

    Mateja Petje Media Interviews Webpage

    This is the “Mateja Petje Client Resources” web page. This is a fantastic web page within my website. There is a huge amount of valuable information on this page.

    Mateja Petje Client Resources Webpage

    Welcome to the Natural Stress Management Website Launch! It’s very exciting to welcome you Dear Reader to my new, very elaborate website! My name is Mateja Petje. I’m the CEO of Holistic Coaching International. When you think of Mateja Petje think of me as your Holistic Psychotherapist.

    Natural Stress Management Website Launch Blog

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