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Stress Management

What exactly is “Anxiety”?

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93% of my clients are discharged after 8-10 sessions!

My name is Mateja Petje the CEO at Holistic Coaching International. Your place for Stress Management and Stress Management Coaching. It’s time to do for yourself exclusively for a change!

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Stress Management- Coaching

Answer these questions to see if coaching with me truly would benefit you.

If you are experiencing any of these chronic symptoms of stress than first thing to remember is I can help.

1.   Are you experiencing frequent headaches, colds, infections, heartburn, heart problems or for example GI issues?

2.  Do you have sudden panic attacks, anxiety, or are feeling blue, sad or are experiencing feelings such as loneliness or worthlessness?

3.  Have you noticed changes in sleep or appetite or another key point do you find yourself eating too much junk food or sweets?

4.  Any problems with job performance or to emphasize namely the ability to concentrate? Do you in fact get into arguments with supervisors, co-workers or employees?

5.  At times do you feel overwhelmed and in particular cranky or angry?

6.  Ever found yourself for example doing impulsive shopping or gambling?

7.  In your personal life are you having frequent arguments in fact with your loved ones and friends?

8.  Are you discouraged about your life and chiefly need direction?

If you answered “yes”to at least two of these questions as a result you would greatly benefit from coaching with me and most of all you would gain very effective tools to improve your life.

Stress Management

Stress Management- Psychotherapy vs Coaching

In terms of “Psychotherapy” the primary focus is on relieving symptoms most of all. On the other hand, “Coaching” is a proactive and goal centered approach that focuses or centers on the client’s strengths, potentials, and abilities. Prior to starting a coaching program, the client completes in detail and signs the coaching agreement.

Sessions are typically 30-45 minutes long and to clarify they are generally conducted via phone, Skype or at times in person. Working collaboratively with a client for example individualized goals are formulated in detail that serve as a catalyst for change.

Stress Management- Prep Form

Prior to each session, the client completes a coaching prep form that he or she emails to me the evening before specifically in order to maximize the benefits of the coaching session. Typically it takes about 90 days to change behaviors and belief patterns with this in mind it is highly recommended to set up at least a 90 day program with one session per week.

Several coaching packages are available which can be customized to the client’s needs. I also offer group coaching sessions. Call and schedule a confidential and complimentary consultation for this reason today @ 561-299-1028

Stress Management- Coaching Sessions

If you are struggling with any of these below,  Stress Management Coaching can help you:

      • Feeling overwhelmed
      • Emotional pain  (anxiety, fear, anger, irritability, panic attacks, worrying)
      • Physical pain (headaches, GI issues)
      • Problems at work
      • Relationship challenges
      • Poor sleep, insomnia
      • Eating problems (Overweight or underweight)

Stress Management- Symptoms

Are you experiencing Symptoms?

1. Behavioral: changes in eating, loss of interest in physical appearance, fidgeting, accident prone

2.  Cognitive: negative thinking, racing thoughts, easily distracted

3.  Cardiovascular: chest pain, dizziness, sweaty palms

4.  Endocrine: join paint, excessive thirst, bloating

5.   Gastrointestinal: change in appetite, constipation/diarrhea, nausea, gas pain

6.  Immune system: frequent colds, mouth sores, strep throat

7.   Muscular: back pain, nervous ticks, tight muscles

8.   Respiratory: rapid breathing, shortness of breath

9.    Skin: acne, flushed face, or pale

Stress Management Strategies

Strategies to implement

1.     Peaceful wake-up call – create a morning ritual using affirmations, intentions, and meditation

2.     Yoga, meditation, relaxation

3.     Affirmations (check out Louise Hay)

4.     Healing breathe work with a certified practitioner

5.     Mind-body checks

6.     Identifying negative self-talk and distorted thinking (CBT)

7.     Identify your needs and be assertive

*(Also see “Stress Management Handbook” by Lori A. Leyden-Rubinstein, Ph.D.) Here is a link directly to the book 

Stress Management

Stress Management– Chronic Stress

Chronic stress has become a major reason why on the negative side people seek medical attention. Though I have been studying different healing techniques over the last 15 years consequently it does not mean that certainly I am immune to stress. I have made it my mission for this reason to learn more about how to cope with every day stressful situation more effectively.

Stress has been found to play a role in so many diseases in particular of modern life. These diseases range from asthma, depression, and migraine flares for example to heart attacks, cancer, and diabetes. It likely accounts in fact for more than half of the country’s healthcare related expenses.

Stress Management- Impact

So says George Chrousos, a distinguished visiting scientist in this case at the National Institutes of Health. In March, Chrousos spearheaded a conference on “The Profound Impact of Stress” in Washington, D.C., specifically to educate policymakers and the public.

Furthermore, according to a recent American Psychological Association poll, it is important to realize nearly a quarter of Americans confessed to currently feeling under “extreme stress.” Respondents specifically blamed money, work, and the economy, as well as strained relationships.

Short periods of tension can actually be beneficial to people, chiefly sharpening thinking and heightening physical response in situations where performance counts, such as business meetings or athletic competitions.

Mateja Petje offers online and distance therapy!

In my coaching sessions, to emphasize I utilize a variety of body-mind healing techniques and approaches that help my clients learn effective tools to manage stress on their OWN. I have 3 months or 6 months truly customized coaching packages. Most of the sessions are done via Skype.

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