Mateja Petje Mothers Day

Mateja Petje Mother’s Day MOTHERS & DAUGHTERS – INFLUENCES FOR A LIFETIME Mateja Petje Mother’s Day insights, experiences and lessons learned. Mothers play a big part in our lives, especially when it comes to their daughters. In an ideal world, daughters receive love, attention, support, and wisdom from their moms so that they can go […]

Mateja Petje Stress Remedies

Mateja Petje Stress Remedies Mateja Petje Stress Remedies-Being the best Are you stressed out? Do you feel like you have no life and you end up taking care of everyone else but yourself? We women are often trying to be the best at everything! The best mom, the best wife, the best daughter, the best […]

Mateja Petje Unhealthy Relationships

Mateja Petje Unhealthy Relationships 10 SIGNS YOU’RE IN AN UNHEALTHY OR TOXIC RELATIONSHIP Mateja Petje Unhealthy Relationships-Prince Charming Mateja Petje says unhealthy relationships mean for many of us, especially women, growing up in traditional Western cultures that we have a particular belief system. Most have been taught to believe that one day we will meet […]

Holistic Coaching International Website Launch

Holistic Coaching International Website Launch Holistic Coaching International Website Launch- A huge success Welcome to the Holistic Coaching International Website Launch! It’s very exciting to welcome you Dear Reader to my new website! My name is Mateja Petje. I’m the CEO of Holistic Coaching International. When you think of Mateja Petje think of me as your Holistic […]

Achieving New Years Resolutions

Achieving New Years Resolutions Achieving New Years Resolutions are often difficult because they rarely stick. Have you ever thought about why this occurs and how you can make them last? As I write this it’s only 5 short days before we welcome the year 2019. Are you ready to stick to your resolutions? In the […]


Gratitude Natural Stress Management Are you stressed out or are you feeling stuck? So start being grateful! Being gratitude is mostly at the forefront of people’s minds with Thanksgiving. However if we start our day with gratitude on a daily basis, even in the midst of challenges, our life will start to change in a […]

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder What is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD? Introduction What is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD? When are we most likely to see the effects of PTSD? How does it affect people? Who are the folks most likely to experience the symptoms of PTSD? These are questions along with so many […]